Sp 6

SP6: Three Yin Intersection

POSE: Locust

The acupressure point Spleen 6 is one of the most commonly used healing points and one of the most all-round.
The name comes from the place, it is the meeting point of the three yin channels of the leg (Spleen, Liver and Kidney). Because the point crosses the Spleen, Kidney and Liver meridians, it can treat many conditions associated with all three organs.

If you are pregnant or that you have heavy and frequents periods don’t press this point heavily but instead only touch it.

1 min pressure together ( 1/2 butterfly)
Locust pose prepare bolster for the enkels 30 sec stretch
3 min pose

Enquiry: what nourish me? what do I need in order to nourish myself ?

30 sec stretch

3 min pose

Sp 6 it’s an important point in the treatment of any digestive condition. Pressing Sp 6 has been found effective in decreasing pain and duration of labor.
It also effectively alleviated pain and menstrual distress in young women with menstrual cramps as well as improving general health.
The spleen occupies the time of day from 9am to 11am.  So, if you want to improve your spleen meridian try to press the points during this time

1 min pressure on the points of the both legs.

Shavasana: nourishment healthy spleen have the resources it needs to transform food into Qi en blood. Spleen manifest as a caring nurturing motherly force; earth