Lever Du 20

Naam: Hundred meetings          
Pose: supported sphinx with bended knee

One of the eight extra meridians. It runs along from the end of spinal column and reaches the head.
A massage on this point is wonderful to clear the mind, sharpen the memory and to be fully connected on a spiritual level.

To activate your body’s self-healing power, first locate of the acupressure points that you need to work on for your specific needs. Apply firm pressure to the point for 1-2 minutes. the pressure should be firm enough so that it hurts a little.

1 min press point on the head
3 min  supported sphinx  with bended knee

One of the other responsibilities of the Liver, and one that is not often mentioned, it its ability to help us plan our lives wisely. A healthy Liver gives us the capacity to organize and plan our lives

and gives us a clear sense of direction

Of all the organs, the liver tends to be the most congested, and ironically, is responsible for the freeflow of Qi throughout the body.

In Chinese medicine thinking, the emotions are a cause of disease. But we have to be clear, having emotions is not a cause of disease and that is an important distinction. If the emotions are out of balance, for instance when we do not express them freely, or worse, when we do not express them at all, it can cause imbalance in general.

short rebound
1 min pressing
3 min pose evt last donuts seal

 Enquiry:  can I see my own flexibility in my body and in my mind
                      can I see my wisd0m
                      can I see clearly my plans and direction 

 1 min pressing 

Close meditation rest & integrate

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