Meridian Gallbladder

As you maybe remember in the TCM the Liver is responsible for planning and strategy. The Gallbladder  carries  out the plans,  execute them.
When we  have  a busy life,  constantly multitasking, keeping all the balls in the air,  then the Gallbladder can stagnate.

That is because of our choice to live a life of doing in state of live a life of being.
On a deeper emotional level, the Gallbladder is connected to our passion for life, inspiration, action and assertiveness. 

When the Gallbladder is imbalanced  we may have problems being assertive, we lack passion, feeling timid or uninspired.
When the Gallbladder is balanced and its energy is flowing freely, we are happy, healthy, assertive and passionate.

Gallbladder also affect the dreams.
The tendons and ligaments, are linked to the Gallbladder and to the Wood Element.
When Wood is healthy, there is strength and flexibility in those tissues, joints move freely and the body moves smoothly. 

When Wood is weak, there can be stiffness in the joints which make movement slow and painful. Sometimes the problem is the opposite, that the tendons and ligaments are too loose. Consequently the joints lose their structural integrity and bones do not hold their alignment.

Moving Qi: wood element, flexibility

Opening Meditation: Trust the body intelligence to heal and decide what’s good for you. Trust that on a deeper level we know. Indecision is  from the mind, the body always decide in your benefit, the shorter and that is the most simple and less expensive way.

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