Galblaas Gb 20

Naam:   Wind Pool       
Pose:  shoe lace + side/ head forward bend

This point is recommended for headache, migraine, eye blurriness or fatigue, low energy, and cold/flu symptoms
It clears the head, brightens the eyes and sharpens the hearing, frees the channels and it harmonizes Qi and blood. 

Pranayama: Qi breathing  

Energy flows where attention goes: Galbladder meridian flows from up to down. Use this wind energy to help congestions in along the meridian to flow, breathing from crown down to feet. 
Green color can help, the energetic vibration of the color resonate with the organ and cleans it.
In TCM, hypertension or high blood pressure is directly connected to blockages in the Liver meridian. GB 20 is a  potent acupressure points for high blood pressure treatment, together with Gb 34. It helps to lower the effect of high blood pressure and release any stagnation of liver energy. 

1 min pressure right 
4 min shoe lace right leg on top, side stretch to left
1 min pressure right
1min pressure left 
4min shoe lace left leg on top, side stretch to the right
1 min pressure left 

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