Galblaas Gb 21

Naam :  Shoulder Well
Pose:   Graceful bow

Many of the stresses of modern living find their way into the shoulders. The responsibilities of life seem to weigh on our shoulders like the straps of a heavy backpack. Most people have some tension in these points which is why a shoulder massage usually feels so good.

Tightness in the shoulders affects the smooth flow of Qi along the Gallbladder meridian. It limits the movement of the neck and so constrains clear vision and perspective. Likewise it inhibits the free movement of the arms which are the means of taking action in the world.

Gb 21 is a meeting point of the Stomach and the Triple Warmer meridians, so at this point is a huge concentration of Qi.
It has a strong descending action, drawing congested energy down the body. For this reason it is not recommended during pregnancy, but very useful to assist labour and promote lactation.

When there is ongoing frustration, anger, resentment and rigidity, these emotions can become stuck in the neck and shoulders. The whole neck can become rigid from these bottled-up feelings. Shoulder Well eases neck stiffness, treats shoulder and upper back pain, and helps to lower blood pressure. bring relieve  especially when combined with GB 20 at the top of the neck.

press 1 min  right
3 min stretch right side;                                                                         

mindful  affirmation: I give myself permission to let go of  everything I no longer need, to look around me in every direction and take all the time to decide whats good for me, trusting my decision would be in my favor. 

press 1min right
press 1min left 
3min stretch left side
press 1 min left 

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