Galblaas Gb 34

Name:  Young Mound Spring
Pose:  Bananasana

Is considered to be the master point for treating  and nourishing the tendons and ligaments and bringing smooth flexibility to them.
It also relieves spasms and cramps, especially along the pathway of Gallbladder, i.e. head, neck, shoulders, sides of the ribcage, hips, and sides of the legs. It also treats sciatica which refers down the side of the leg. 


CONFUCIUS : “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” 

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – chapter 76
Newborn – we are tender and weak
in death – we are rigid and stiff
living plants are supple and yielding
dead branches are dry and brittle
so the hard and unyielding belong to death
and the soft and pliant belong to life
an inflexible army does not triumph
an unbending tree breaks in the wind
thus the rigid and inflexible will surely fail
while the soft and flowing will prevail

There is a saying in Chinese, “He has a small gallbladder”, which refers to a person who is timid, shy, indecisive, anxious. Gb 34 is a wonderful point for strengthening the Mind and Spirit in this area, supporting the person to be confident and decisive in the world, it can move stagnant emotions which lodge in the Liver, such as depression, frustration, irritability, anger and confusion.

The concept of flexibility extends beyond the physical structures to the psychological level. Inflexible attitudes and beliefs can also point to an imbalance in Wood. We need to be able to adapt flexibly to changing conditions in our lives if we want to move smoothly through life. On the other hand, some people are so over-flexible and accommodating towards others that they lose themselves. If you bend over  for people, you are likely to hurt your back!

The time when the Gallbladder’s energy is most abundant is between 11pm-1am. During these 2 hours, it is helpful if you don’t drink alcohol or other intoxicants, as they place unnecessary stress on the Gallbladder. It also helps the Gallbladder if you can rest the body as much as possible in these 2 hours.

Foods that hurt the Gallbladder
Deep fried food
Spicy foods 

TCM Hot foods like:

1 min press right
4 min  bananaasana open right side
1 min press right
1 min press left 
4 min bananaasana open left side  
1 min press left 

Close meditation  rest & integrate

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