Meridian Large Intestine

The large intestine is the yang organ of the couple lung / large intestine meridians, these two comprise the metal element within us, the lung receives the pure and fresh, while the colon eliminates what is impure.

Every moment we are inhaling and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Thus every breath is composed of a taking in and letting go.
Letting go is essential to life. If we couldn’t exhale, we could not take another breath and would die within minutes. If we couldn’t eliminate toxins from the body, we would die of poisoning. 

The opening of the large intestine

The nose is the opening of the large intestine. Together with the lung they govern skin and hair, actually it controls the skin’s pores and the transpiration.
The main function of the large intestine is the metabolism of water, it extracts water from the waste material received from the small intestine, sends it to the bladder, and releases the solid material as stool. 

In TCM the Dantian in the lower abdomen is considered the residence of the original Qi. In order to keep this Qi at its residence, this area must be strong and healthy. The Qi circulating around the intestines has to be in movement. So when you practice you have to learn how to regulate your breathing to smooth the Qi flow. This allows you to relax the front of your body and regulate the Qi flow of the other organs.

The large intestine removes the waste of every organ and function, as well as mental and spiritual rubbish. If this organ is doing its job, rubbish will not collect, stagnate and rot. There will not only be a clean body, but a clear mind, able to let go of old ‘baggage’ of the past and take in new and fresh ideas. 

It will manifest in a clean, radiant spirit, able to be inspired, to inspire others and to live in the beauty of the eternal present.
The mind when clear of pollution is empty, like the mind of a baby, The child can focus on an object and can easily let go and shift to another. Such a mind is fluid, open and receptive.
When the mind becomes polluted, it tends to see toxicity both in itself and in the exterior world. As a result it becomes filled with stale, useless and repetitive chatter
Consequently it becomes difficult for the mind to find rest, to concentrate, to remember things, it tends to find the “bad” in everything, becoming cynical and pessimistic.


Grief and letting go are the emotions linked to the large intestine.
Grief appears when we cannot perceive what is special and truly unique about our selves.
We feel this emotion in the presence of separation and loss. Grief is essentially a hanging on to the past, not being able to let go, life becomes filled with remorse and regret, re-living past hurts, mistakes and missed opportunities.

Finally an energetic imbalance in the large intestine can result in physical weakness. This can provoke emotional introversion, irritability, apathy and low self esteem. 
But when your metal element is in balance we will feel organized. We have than a strong immune system, we have self-disciplined. And the most important we will have the ability to release and let go of emotions and your sinus will be open.

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