Dikke Darm LI 4

Name: Enclosed Valley or the Joining of the Valleys or The Great Eliminator 
Pose:  Side Open Arm Stretch With Head Turned   

Valleys are low-lying places between hills or mountains. When the rain comes or the snow melts, all the debris that had accumulated on the mountainside (e.g. dead leaves, twigs, fruit fallen from trees, organic waste) falls into these low places and are washed away to the sea. Many metal imbalanced persons seem unable to wash away the waste of their own bodies, minds or spirits. As debris collects, they may become physically constipated, but also cynical and negative, tending to see the worst in themselves, others and in life situations. This point has the ability to flush out the stale and toxic within, allowing for inspiration to occur.

On this point you can feel a strong sensation, only press and breathe, and release everything from the waist down, if you are pregnant don’t use this point, 
It is mostly used for gastrointestinal problems and stagnation specially in the large intestine, 
Redness, swelling and pain of the eyes, facial paralysis, toothache, swelling and pain of the throat, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, common cold, cough, sweating. Also for  overwhelming feelings of grief, everything that you are ready to release from your body also sinus pressure or congestion

LI4 is a point that has been extensively studied through randomized controlled trials and clinical research. Recent studies showed that the stimulation of LI4 significantly reduced pain of the jaw muscles as an effective and valuable alleviation of migraines and tension-type headaches. 

LI 4 is the number one point for any condition related to the head, neck and face. Whether you have a headache, a toothache, nasal congestion, or vision problems you should include LI 4 in your routine.
Not only is this point great for conditions of the head, it is also an important point for the  regulating digestive function, and treating pain anywhere in the body.

But this point promotes also a healthy immune system while working to reduce fevers, help with energy throughout the whole body. Dispels wind and releases the exterior, promotes the dispersion function of the lungs, removes obstructions from the channel, harmonizes the ascending activities of Qi. It also relaxes muscles and sinews and clears sinus pressure. 

On a mental/ spiritual level, LI 4 helps to rid the body, mind and soul of toxins. It can help one to find clarity and let go of thoughts that don’t serve when a person doesn’t know what needs to happen next. 
It is the pure action of the moment, bridging the gap between what was and what is now.

Breath 3 crystal cleansing: pearl of clear energy swirling in your center/shake it in de abdomen for a minute/ 3x from belly up left side yin channel to top of the head pose 3 sec, down to hara. Repeat 3x right yan  side/ repeat 3x middle line. rest quietly. 

Exercise:  breath in out in high squat hand on upper legs;  holding out breath:5 abdominal round right, 5 left
breath in an aut, holding out breath 10x pomp
in-breath stretch up and on toes.

Letting go: release and surrender

Press right
pose right  attention to breath,  long exhalation

press left

pose left 

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