Lever Liv 2

Name:  Moving Between or Walk Between                                  
Pose: Wide Leg Child 

It suggests that it helps people return to balance, especially if they have the tendency to be angry.
This point needs to be reduced, it means you have to move your finger in counterclockwise direction over this point.

So, you will only use this point when there is Heat, as when you’re red in the faceor your skin feels hot to the touch and you’re feeling warm from anger. Heals effects on the body of too much anger. Don’t use this point when you are weak or low on energy.
We all want to seem ‘balanced’. When our energy is disturbed, we often can’t recognisethat we are ‘out of balance’.

1 min right
1 min left
3 min wide leg child pose back bended with blanket under the knie, in order to elevate the knie, stretch of the lower segment of the meridian . Mindful  wood element; sense of emotional balance, stability & flexibility: Affirmation I’m compassionate towards my irritations

1min right
1min left
3min wide leg child pose forward bending

This point seems to ease excess Liver energy in the Head and Belly, but angry people often feel a fullness, a bursting sensation, in the chest and this point is great for that too.
The tendons are the tissue associated with the Liver. TCM says that strength comes from the tendons, not from the muscles. Be like the cat that is strong, agile, and flexible, not the cow, which has huge muscles but little real strength.

In TCM the nails are considered a by-product of the tendons
If Liver blood is abundant, the nails will be hard, shiny and moist
If the Liver function is normal, the skin and muscles will be well nourished

The eyes are the sensory organrelated to the Liver. If you have any eye issues, including blurry vision, red or dry eyes, itchy eyes, it may be a sign deep down that your Liver energy is not functioning smoothly.

1 mi right
1min left


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