Meridian Liver

The liver is the sister of the gallbladder.

The liver has many functions in TCM.
It is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi and blood throughout the body. In Chinese medicine, illness or disease happens because of a blockage of the flow of the Qi
It controls the volume of blood and it also stores it. It cleans the blood and so it is detoxifying it
The liver is associated with new growth and expansive energies, so the spring is the best time to support the liver and being mindful to express our emotions.

The element linked to the liver is wood, which is associated with flexibilityand the ability to switch, to make choices, growth and discover
In TCM every organ vibrates with the frequency of a color;  the color of the liver is green.
The emotion of the liver is the anger, it shows on the shoulders, while frustration shows on the lower back.

I like to talk about the black and the white anger, the first one being the “extrovert” one, and the white one the emotion you keep
inside and don’t show, but the most destructive for the body.
The best way to solve a stubborn anger is trough strong, fast movements. In my experience It’s very difficult to change this emotion with slow movements. 

 Moving Qi:  african music and 3 minutes schaking

Opening Meditation: Connection with spring energy, enhance the positive

Breath in:nieuw life energy, body expanded in inhalation growth, green color spirit of renewal

Resting. open, receptive ready to assimilate and grow, keep life energy alive and circulating

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