Long Lu 2

Name: Cloud Gate
Pose: Angel Wing

The name itself is almost self-explanatory as the function of this point. A gate may be open or closed. If this gate is closed, the metal-imbalanced person might appear to be under a cloud, the world perceived as a very gray place that has lost its color. The person may find the world a very dark and difficult place in which to be. He or she might be unable to “see” or connect with a higher level, thus indicating the need for opening this gate.

In nature, when there are too many clouds, they will even stop the sun from shining on the Earth. The sun is essential to life, as spirituality is essential to man and woman. When the gate is closed, people are no longer able to see the light or the blue sky above. Clarity has completely vanished through their loss of contact with their spiritual essence. The cloud could even be so low that they are unable to truly see another human being. This could lead to terrible depression and feelings of isolation.

Sometimes the clouds can be a blessing – a welcome relief from the intense heat and brightness of the sun. Either extreme, in an inappropriate amount is imbalance. 

A person who is perpetually spaced out, overheated and blinded by the light, never coming “down-to-earth” is just as terrible as one who never sees the light of the sky, or feels the warmth within themselves or in other people. 

Spiritually, there may be a resignation – a feeling that everything around and within is worthless garbage and there is no point in looking any further. Such people are lacking the vital breath of life, the life spirit freely given by nature, by the heavenly father that grants the ability to look at life with joy and enthusiasm. It is this vital breath that inspires people to plunge into life and get involved.

Lu 2 is also the meeting point with the Spleen channel. 

This point opens our lungs and allows us to breathe more freely.

Opening Meditation:   
EYP  vulnerability pose en enquiry  /  muziek /  Speak up the word

Corps pose with hand on the hart. Breath in longen                              

Focus on breath

1 min  press right
3 min hold pose 
1 min press right 
1min press left
3 min hold pose left 
1 min  press left

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