Lung Lu 7

Name: Broken Sequence
Pose: Arm Stretch Supported With Strap 

The name is because of its relationship to Lightning. Lightening illuminates and clears the sky with its huge energy. Lightning lives when there is a massive electrical force (‘Qi’). This Qi is rapidly discharged from the region between two clouds or the clouds and the earth.  Lung 7 is the lightening of the body. 

The point that discharges. Therefore it help us to get rid of stagnation and dampness.
But this name is giving to this point because of the fact that Qi exits the lung meridian at this point. And also the pathway of lung channel at this point has a sudden deviation that resembles a lightning bolt.

Immune system

You can give yourself a immune-boosting self-acupressure whenever you want, pressing Lu 7. Just press the point firmly or use a circular motion to massage the area.


One of the functions of Lu 7 is to “release the exterior”, which essentially means to open the door and help to show the invading pathogen the way out of the body.  We can interpret this as activating the immune system so that it can better fight off the cold.  

This point also benefits the head and the neck as well as the lungs themselves.  Since this is often where we experience many cold symptoms, Lung 7 is a useful point to help clear up that nasty head cold.

Wind invades through the back of the neck, which is why Lung 7 is the principal point for that stiff-neck feeling we associate with a cold coming on. It’s also why acupuncturists are always cautioning their patients to wear scarves.

It treats respiratory conditions such as asthma, phlegmy cough, wheezing and difficult breathing. It is particularly useful for conditions of the nose. Including loss of the sense of smell, nasal congestion, discharge and obstruction. Because of its capacity to expel wind, circulate the defensive Qi and stimulate sweating. It is often used in the early stages of colds and flu. 

Not only is Lu 7 the exit point of Lung. But it is also the connecting point which connects it to the Large Intestine meridian. This twin connection to its partner meridian makes the point doubly effective in treating conditions along the pathway of Large Intestine. Conditions as: pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder, throat and face. It also treats constipation and headaches, including migraines.


The emotion of grief is said to reside in the Lung. When using Lu 7 it will help us to release the oppression of grief and sadness that have been held inside. It helps to open the chest, improve breathing and can facilitate the release of grief by crying.

It assists in letting go of those things that are no longer serving us, making space for the new. It is also known for uncontrolled laughter and frequent yawning.

Focus on breath                           

1min press right 
3 min pose  
1min press left

1 min press left
3 min holding pose
1 min press left

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