Meridian Lung

Autumn is the season (sacred season of introversion) of the Lungs and the Large Intestine, this is the season where we clean and clear all that does not serve us. Everything that we have been accumulating all year long. Our bodies accumulate dampness and phlegm from pathogens, from poor diet, from environmental factors and emotional stresses. This dampness keeps us from seeing clear and living a clear version of our lives. 

Nature invites us to slow down, to look within, to reflect on who we are.
Lungs together with the heart meridian assists the circulation of the blood.

The relationship between lung and colon (yin and yang) is as follows, the lungs take in the clean, pure and new energy in the form of air and the colon releases that which is dirty, stale and old.

Belonging to metal, the lungs and colon are the link to the father (protector, leader, source of knowledge, provider of breath) just as the earth is the link to the mother (nurturer, caregiver, cultivator, provider of nourishment). Our spirit is enriched when our connection with the father is strong – giving us the capacity to experience inspiration, worthiness and higher purpose.

The metal element is closed related to the earth, it means when earth is not working well, as you possibly know you create mucus and when we have to much dampness, the lungs are storing it, so you can have a deposit of mucus in the lungs. 
Lungs provide the pure life-giving Qi that we breathe, metal gives the inner sense of self-worth to each individual.

Each in-breath is an act of inspiration, a word that not only describes the physical act of breathing, but also the working of the lung at the level of mind and spirit.

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