Ren Mai 12

Name :“Middle Cavity” or “Middle Controller.”
Pose: supported bridge  

Rm 12 is one of my favorite points I use in my practice. It is located on the meridian called the Ren Mai, which translates as the “Conception Vessel.” 
This meridian is another one located along the frontal midline of the body. But we use it in this practice only because of its strong connection with the stomach meridian. 

Ren 12 is an important point for the Stomach and a place where energy is extremely concentrated.
This point is located where people often report “having a knot in their stomach” when they are nervous or anxious.
Some people even say that Rm 12 is the St 36 of the conception vessel.

1 min pressure   (middle finger)
2/3 min supported bridge level 1/2 
1 min knee to chest 
2/3 min supported bridge level 2/3

pressuring on Ren 12 can help us absorb the external to create the internal, creating balance and homeostasis in the body, mind and spirit. 
This point harmonizes and strengthens the St, the Sp and the upper half of the abdomen. 
It also calms and fortifies the Spirit. 

Another nice function of this point is its action on the fatigue after childbirth and its help against morning sickness.
In acupuncture every meridian corresponds to an specific time of the day, the time of the stomach is from 7-9 am.
The last thing important to know is the flow of the energy of the meridian. The energy flow of the stomach is in a downward direction. 
When the stomach is having trouble staying in balance the energy can shift directions causing hiccups and burping.

1 min pressure

Breath meditation ; sending energy low : breathing from crown to belly and from belly to feet.   


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