Ren Mai 22

Name: Celestial Chimney or heavenly rushing
Pose  :  Recline butterfly with accent on throat with support of choice, focus on breath

It is one point fo the window of the sky, it is used to descend disturbed Qi from the head, which manifests as headache.
However this point lies on the CV, it has a strong effect on the lungs. Extraordinary vessel, in the front and center of the body.
Extremely vulnerable place, so don’t put any kind of pressure here, only gentle contact.

This point is not only helping the lung but also the heart, so it is really useful for many problems where there is a sense of loss with a feeling of rising anxiety. It opens the throat and because the tongue is the flower of the heart, in order to speak our true, in order to express our selfs and communicate we need to have our throat open and when is not we have to open the throat to reconnects the heart with the mouth.

CV22 also helps clear phlegm, which means that it can be used not just for the real phlegm that you can cough up and spit out but for the phlegm that mists the heart; it means an emotional imbalance like grief can have as consequence confusion of thinking.

In such conditions energy falls away and we lose our voice, or our voice doesn’t work properly, making it dry and awkward. This point helps clears the mucus in our mind, descend anxiety and strengt the voice.

The peak time of the lungs is between 3 and 5 a.m.

1 Min press  
5 min hold  
1 min press  



Closing : standing up EYP:
taking space with enquiry
self care with enquiry


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