Milt Sp 9

Naam: Yin Mound Spring
Pose : Dragon

Sp 9 is located on the medial side of the leg and below the knee, it is a diagnostic point for dampness accumulation in one’s body. It is a powerful point to resolve “dampness” .

1 min pressure on the right
3 min dragon pose, left foot forward, stretch on right back leg, arms up breath in;

Enhancing the positive: imagine how it will be to feel calm, flexible,trustful and connected, nourished by the loved ones and your environment.

1 min pressure
2 min rebound other side
1 min stretch left
3 min pose left

The Stomach and the Spleen are connected to the earth element. The functions of the Earth element are transformation and assimilation. The Earth element acts like a Reserve Bank and a defence department of the body; it supplies nourishment, energy, Qi and blood to the body and to the body’s immune system.

The Earth element can be damaged by the overeating of raw vegetables, citric fruits, chocolate, oily fried foods, iced drinks, cold foods from the fridge and over-consumption of green or black tea. During the winter, one might think that having raw salad is healthy, but according to the TCM, one should consume well cooked meals during the winter.

Over consumption of raw cold foods can cause the development of fluid stagnation and dampness in the body depleting the Spleen which is responsible for transforming and transporting fluids.

1 min pressure left
2 min rebound in silence

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