Maag St 36

Name: Leg Three Miles
Pose:  1/2 saddle  

ST 36 is probably the most used acupuncture point of them all, a favorite of acupuncturists and tui na massage practitioners, and an essential point for health maintenance. 
It is one of the most widely used acupuncture points on the body because of its power.

Stomach 36 is an Earth point. So Stomach 36 is what acupuncturists call Earth-on-Earth—an Earth point on an Earth meridian.
The name of ST 36 is “Leg Three Miles.” The name is related on how strongly ST 36 boosts the Qi in its totality. 
ST 36 increases our energy so much that an exhausted person could actually walk three more miles!
And maybe a nice fact is, that acupuncture point names containing the number three, tend to be very strong.

1 min pressure on the right  (index)
4 min 1/ saddle right 

The treatment of this point will energise you, boost your immune system and help with any digestive disorders.
One ancient Chinese text says that “one who applies moxa daily to St 36 will be free of the one hundred diseases.”
An another one says that if you apply moxa to St 36 everyday you will live until you are 100 years old! 

Some indications for its use in Chinese medicine are to treat general weakness, anaemia, indigestion, nausea, chronic fatigue, allergies, and asthma. 
Modern research has confirmed that the immune system is stimulated when St 36 had received moxa.

1 min pressure right
1 min rebound
1 min pressure left 
4 minute 1/2 sddlle left   

A little tale about the name: 
Chinese warriors would wear leather belts with stones hanging from either side of their waist while they hiked across the countryside to protect their nation. 
When the warriors became exhausted, to the point where they just couldn’t go any further, they would kneel down to rest. 
The stones would naturally land at St 36 on each leg.  
When they went up from this bended knee position, with pressure on St 36, the soldiers found an extra hidden strength and were able to hike “three more miles”…

Enhancing the positive:  reconnection with sense of abundance, is not about what u posses ; abundance is not a physical state but condition of the mind. when  earth energies are balanced there is a natural recognition of the abundance  that the universe offers us 

2 min rebound

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