Meridian Stomach

The last time we’ve talked about the Spleen, this time we’ll treat the stomach witch is the brother of the spleen: as you already know that organs are working in pairs.

The stomach in TCM has the same function as the stomach in western medicine. 
In TCM it’s known as the “Sea of Nourishment” It digests foods and fluids, and transports them into the small intestine for extraction and assimilation of nutrients. 

The stomach meridian is associated with our ability to assimilate new ideas, absorb information, as well as nurturing the self. We receive subtle energy from the universe through our food through the stomach. 
Thus it is an important receiving organ of universal information into our bodies.

The stomach meridian is one of the bigger meridians with 45 acupuncture points. The meridian runs from bottom of the eye, down the front of the body, down the lateral side of the leg to the tip of the second toe.
The colour of the stomach is deep yellow.

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